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Top 10 Best Countries to Study Interior Design | Upgraded Home (1)

Interior design is a college major that you can pursue if you’re passionate about working with others, designing spaces, selecting furniture, and adorning them. This is such a popular profession that more colleges and universities worldwide offer interior design programs. With so many selections, which country is the best for studying interior design?

United Kingdom’s world-class research and top-notch curriculum make it the greatest country for overseas students to study interior design. The interior design programs offered by England are undoubtedly one of the most competitive programs globally, as top-ranking colleges teach them. Some other countries great for studying interior design include Japan, Dubai, China, Taiwan, and the United States.

Taking interior design courses in another country helps broaden your horizons as a designer. Choosing to study abroad, you’ll be able to visit various locations and observe multiple designs. In this article, we’ll discuss the top countries to learn interior design.

Which Countries are Best for Studying Interior Design?

With so many different countries offering interior design programs, it’s hard to know where you should attend school if you choose to study abroad.

You’ll need to know everything from the best type of flooring for a space, as well as what colors mesh well for the walls and how to tie it all in with the furniture and decor. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 countries with some of the best interior design programs.

1. United Kingdom

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England is one of the most incredible places to learn interior design. If you want to study in Europe, England is an ideal location because it is close to London, which is full of historical museums, stores, and other organizations. As an interior design student, you’ll be exposed to some of the world’s most famous locations.

Another reason England is so great is that it’s home to world-class universities that harness excellent research and education. If you’re looking for a specific major, England has various options.

The University of the Arts London is one of the top Art universities in England. The Royal College of Art, on the other hand, is regarded as the best university in the world for art programs, including interior design.

2. Japan

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Japan is recognized for its old yet modernized mix of residences. Because this country is innovative and technologically advanced and emphasizes education, its schools have modernized educational facilities. Interior design students receive hands-on training from their mentors and are encouraged to develop their artistic abilities.

The good news is that Japanese institutions also offer English-taught programs for international students interested in studying abroad. The ICS College Of Arts in Tokyo is an interior design school founded in 1963 and is home to the country’s first interior designer. Interior design and related majors are also available at Kyoto Seika University.

3. Spain

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If you want to study interior design in a European country on a tight budget, Spain is an ideal choice because it offers low tuition fees without losing education quality. You can expect to pay anywhere from $830 to $22,000 for annual tuition depending on the degree you choose as well as whether you go to a public university or private school.

Spain is one of the most well-known countries for international students. Because this country is multicultural, taking an interior design school here will broaden your horizons and introduce you to a westernized style.

In addition, Spain has a large foreign student community, so you should have no trouble adjusting. They provide a variety of interior design degrees and programs through their schools. For example, Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Spain, provides courses in private spaces, interior architecture, and other related subjects.

4. Italy

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Italy is a wonderful option if you are interested in art-related studies, notably interior design, because of its rich culture, history, and impact on the arts. Italy is known for its furniture designs, and as an international student, you will have the opportunity to tour and study furniture companies.

Furthermore, Italian colleges and universities teach in English and have a solid educational system designed for both local and international students. Because arts is such a well-known curriculum in Italy, there are numerous institutions and schools to pick from.

The Florence Institute of Design International, for example, provides several programs at various levels, all of which are taught in English. The Istituto Europeo di Design offers a variety of design programs and has a solid reputation.

5. Dubai

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Dubai is well-known for its rapid real estate development. Between 2006 and 2008, Dubai had a huge boom, transforming it into one of the most architecturally and urbanistically fascinating cities in the world. It is known for luxury rooms and houses constructed by the top interior designers in Dubai and futuristic and imaginative architecture such as the Cayan Tower, a skyscraper wrapped around itself.

The city’s prominent locations include the Skyview Bar, which overlooks the city, the Palm Jumeirah’s luxury villas, and the Atlantis Hotel, which has 1536 rooms, a marine park, and the world’s largest aquarium. Luxurious interior design projects of similar grandeur are unavoidable in such a vibrant environment.

According to Muse Interior Design, the number one company in the United Arab Emirates, having the proper education and training within the interior design sector allows them to hire top-notch professionals.

Their highly qualified staff can design both commercial and residential properties. They focus on everything from beauty salons and offices to apartments and penthouse homes, plus more! Without a high-quality education, none of this would be possible.

6. China

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China is an excellent place to study interior design and work as an interior designer if you decide to move. If you want to enhance your education and job opportunities, this country offers a variety of them. After graduation, you’ll be presented with fantastic work opportunities because China has made innovative advances in several industries, such as housing, infrastructure, and education.

Interior design and associated studies are available at Chinese universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation. They provide English-taught programs and are situated in a business-friendly area of China.

7. Turkey

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Turkey, a country in the Middle East, boasts world-class educational institutions that generate local and foreign graduates in various subjects, including interior design.

Furthermore, college fees are less expensive in this country. It costs $600 to $20,000 per year to attend college here, depending on whether you attend a public or private university.

As an interior design student, you’ll study how art influences culture, diverse design perspectives, and other helpful information. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need for the field at the end of your interior design schooling.

Interior design and associated studies are offered at Istanbul Medipol University, a private university in Istanbul. The location is one of the best aspects of studying here. It’s close to Istanbul, one of the country’s oldest cities with a rich history and culture.

8. Cyprus

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The Mediterranean Sea’s third-largest island, Cyprus, is part of the European continent. The natural splendor of this country is well-known.

Apart from that, Cyprus has a strong reputation for providing high-quality higher education to domestic and international students. Interior design students learn through both theory and practice. As a result, Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations for interior design students.

Interior specialties are available for undergraduate and graduate degrees at Cyprus International University, the country’s leading university. Their curricula are also internationally recognized, as evidenced by local and European accreditations.

9. United States of America

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Though numerous countries think that diverse designs impact their cultures in different ways, due to people’s diversity and materialistic attitude, the United States is actually a great hot spot for interior designers to work/study.

The United States is also known for its varied taste in architecture/interior design. Interior designers’ various ideas are what develop outstanding strategies in the United States. It’s so culturally diverse that you’ll be able to pick up a little bit of each culture as you learn.

New York School of Interior Design is the top-rated college in the USA to study the subject as the entire school is dedicated to it. Also, there’s the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, that’s also top-rated.

10. Taiwan

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Due to the higher living standards in Taiwan, there has been a growing demand among local people for décor items and interior design services, which comprise the two main categories of decoration and space planning.

The start of interior design projects can trigger an extensive supply chain of diverse building materials and furnishings and a demand for trained labor.

In fact, the government has recently given more attention to the economic benefits that interior design, or rather the design industry as a whole, can deliver and has boosted the resources available to help the sector grow.

How Much Can an Interior Designer Make?

Interior designers make an average of $59,107 per year in the United States, with wages ranging from $15,000 to $132,000 per year. Salaries differ depending on experience, company, and region.

While most interior designer positions require a bachelor’s degree, you can make a higher wage by receiving your interior design certification and earning a master’s degree in interior design from an authorized university. Always check their accreditation before enrolling to ensure you’re getting the best education possible.

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