7 Best Places Where Everyone Wants To Study In Asia | Dunitask (2023)

In addition to European countries, now there is an opportunity for international students to abroad study in Asian countries without tuition fees. In Asia, there are so many countries where the tuition fee is free for all students. These universities have taken their place in the top-ranked places in the world.

The best places to study in Asia are;

  1. Malaysia
  2. China
  3. Singapore
  4. Japan
  5. South Korea
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Hong Kong


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Starting in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a good choice for students who are looking to drown in a diverse culture and environment. Being a hub for higher study in Malaysia, its system ranks 25th in the world. Malaysia is currently developing a higher study strategy by welcoming the international branch campuses of well-known overseas universities such as the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

Typically, the institute fees for branch campuses are much lower than the institute fees one pays in college. International students are drawn to Malaysia’s exciting cities, incredible natural beauty and landscapes, and low-cost study programs, and living costs.


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China is famous for its non-English learning instruction systems in the world, registered by 377,000 international students in 2014. China is the major competitor in the fields of commerce, tourism, education, etc. It is one of the largest and strongest higher study systems globally, and it ranks among the best in terms of system strength in Asia.
With a history of 5,000 years, one of the world’s most prominent destinations, China offers numerous tourist destinations and ancient and contemporary cultures that can be explored away from school. In 2018, the most respected outstanding university in Asia was the capital Beijing & Shanghai. In the ranking of 124 Asian Chinese universities, China’s other educational achievement is Tsinghua University ranked in the 2nd position.


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Although Singapore is a small & densely populated country, it is one of the best choices for international students for their higher studies. In Asia’s best university ranking, The National University of Singapore ranked 1st, and Nanyang Technology University ranked 3rd.

It itself has a reputation for being a global leader in research and innovation and has a high reputation for economically prosperous businesses with low crime and low unemployment, meaning that the country’s graduates are very popular with employers. it is well known for its cultural, linguistic, and religious furnaces, a mixture of Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian, and the population influences the unique ID of each city. In the ranking of system strength, Singapore’s higher education device ranked 28th.

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japan is the next best place for abroad study in Asia, which ranked 10th in the strength ranking of QS’s higher education system. In recent years, Japan has taken steps to attract more, increase English-taught programs, and make it easier for them to apply.
Like Singapore, Japan’s rich cultural heritage is a mixture of old and new, especially in big cities like Tokyo, which ranked second in the QS Best Student City 2018, so they will not be bored.

Japan, an excellent study abroad destination for both tech enthusiasts and gourmets, attracted a record 267,000 international students in 2017, with higher living costs than other parts of Asia and higher tuition fees than other popular studies abroad. In the Asian rankings, the highest-ranked university in Japan was the University of Tokyo, which ranked 15th, and 104 more Japanese universities heard within 650th in Asia.

South Korea

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South Korea is another leading powerhouse in education, technology, and tourism in Asia. South Korea is the most powerful economic system in the region and mainly invested in education and research for students and the country’s better future.

In South Korea, for getting free education, the requirements of university entrance are very high and competitive. Both Korean and international students have to follow the requirement to get free study programs. Different universities have different requirements in terms of getting free study programs. In the system’s strength ranking of higher abroad study programs, South Korea ranked 9th and is considered one of Asia’s most reputable universities in Asia. The capital city of South Korea, Seoul, also ranked 10th in the best Students Cities and 2018 best student districts. Among the top 500 universities in Asia, Korean 58 universities were selected on the list for their outstanding performance, and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is one of them.


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Bangladesh is one of the best cheapest places to study in the world. Bangladesh is an overpopulated country with a 166,303,498 population. The studying expense is too low compare to other countries. There are three types of universities in Bangladesh- 1. Public university (under Government), 2. Private university (privately owned and 3. Internation University (owned by international organizations. In a public university, Any student can study without tuition but they have to pay some administration charge. Even foreign students are studying in a public university with a higher degree. It’s the only country where foreigners can study without cost in public and private universities with scholarships.

The cost to study in Bangladesh in a Private University is avg 9454.35$ without a scholarship. BUET is the top 1 public university in Bangladesh. Some top universities are Independent Univerity (IUB), Brac University (BracU), American International University (AIUB), and North-South University (NSU), etc. Every year foreign candidates are graduating from these universities. Even the living cost is also cheaper than any other countries. Some universities are already in word rankings. There is no university cheaper than Bangladesh with a good education system in Asia.

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is the last on our list of the best places to abroad study in Asia. This autonomous territory of China is known for its integration of Eastern and Western cultures, and it is also the world’s primary center of trade, finance, trade, and logistics. It has a forward-looking, multicultural society with many renowned universities, using English in everyday life or education, and easy access to mainland China, making it a good choice for many people. To get a free abroad study in Hong Kong, they have to follow university requirements.

In the current world of education, It has 18 large education systems globally, which is pretty impressive if we compare it with other Asian countries’ study systems. Hong Kong ranked 12th in the index of the best cities for the student in Asia. Two of the eight universities were in the top ten in the Asian rankings. The University of Hong Kong is in 4th place, and the Hong Kong University of Science and technology is in 8th place a world where anyone can get an education program without cost is undoubtedly a dream for many, but in reality, a tuition-free university education system can be a demanding business. Countries with free education have a better education system. Because when a country offers a free scholarship or gives a chance to get an education without any fees, students all over the country want to take the chance of that. So that country has to make their abroad study program system more developed and skillful. It is profitable for both students and the nation.

Therefore, not all countries reach it. In some countries, there is a risk of specific problems and nuances that are not ready to be dealt with. Imposing higher taxes for free university program funding that potentially undermines university reputation is only part of the sacrifice that some countries have to make. Not to mention how free colleges can undermine the patience of students completing a particular degree. However, all is not bad. Colleges allow low-income to receive higher studies without relying solely on student loans. With a free college system, they also have more freedom to pursue their fields of interest, rather than choosing practical careers that can generate more lucrative income after graduation. A free college abroad study can pave the way for motivated young men and women. For most of them, that’s the final point after years of rigorously managing every budget for shopping.


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